Guest Post Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting a guest post to Missouri Women Bloggers. We are always looking for unique and relevant content that would be beneficial to our site and inspiring to our readers. Below you will find basic posting guidelines and instructions. While many of you are veteran guest-writers, many of you are not. We have tried to be as detailed as possible so that you feel confident and not confused.

Before submitting your post for consideration, please note the following guidelines:

  • Submission of your guest post does not guarantee publication. Your submission will be reviewed and if it will benefit the readers of Missouri Women Bloggers, it is likely to be published.
  • Preference will be given to those who express a genuine interest in as a reader and a follower. While our ultimate goal is to get your name out there as a blogger, submissions with a “visit my site” or “check out my product” feel will not be accepted.
  • Posts must be high-quality, ORIGINAL content (i.e. not published anywhere else online). Additionally, please do not submit posts that are currently being submitted to other sites.
  • If your post is selected, you agree not to publish it anywhere else online, including your own site, as this is considered duplicate content by search engines and would penalize both sites.

Monthly Theme
The monthly theme is intentionally vague to allow you some freedom to write a post that fits your writing style and interests. There is no right or wrong way to respond to the theme. Many of our guest writers will write in a style that is similar to what you would find on their blog, while others use this as an opportunity to try something new or to branch out a little. The choice is yours!


  • Your post should be written either in the body of the email or as a .doc or .docx attachment.
  • Please keep all text left justified. Do not use multiple fonts or font sizes. Do not use colored text. You may use bold or italics.
  • There is no minimum or maximum length to your post but please use your best judgement. Longer posts can lose a readers attention if they are not broken up with pictures and/or headers.

Links in the text

  • If you would like to include a link please put the link URL in parentheses following the text you would like to have linked.
  • If you are familiar with HTML you are welcome to include links that way.
  • Please do not hyperlink words in your post as they do not always transfer when we copy the post into the blog editor.
  • Any links within your post should be relevant and valid. Irrelevant links and non-working links will be removed without any notice.


  • Photos must be YOUR original work. We cannot use photos from stock photo or royalty free sites. If you use a photo that is not taken by you, we must have written permission from the photographer in order to use it.
  • Please attach all photos as SEPARATE attachments. Please do NOT include HTML code for photos.
  • If possible, please resize large photos to 480 pixels wide.
  • Please indicate where you would like your photo placed by writing a short description of the photo in parentheses in the body of your work. Please do not use the photo file name as your description.

Bio and Headshot
Please include a short 3-5 sentence bio that we can place at the end of your post. Don’t forget to include a link to your blog along with any other social media links you would like to include. You should also send a headshot. (Note: This is the one exception to the photo rule above. If you had a professionally done headshot and were given permission to use it you may use that in your post.)

We may edit your piece for grammar and usage errors. If we feel any edits are needed to the content, we will contact you.

Controversial Topics
While we want you to write about what you are passionate about, we do ask that you avoid highly controversial topics or topics that are highly political or highly religious. We are a community of many and while we realize that our group is full of different opinions and beliefs we do not want to create an environment that alienates anyone. If you choose to discuss religion or politics in your piece please do it in a community friendly and nonjudgmental way. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Deadlines and post dates
If you have been assigned a deadline, please do your best to meet your deadline. If you run into any problems please contact Julie right away. If you miss your deadline we will do our best to run your post but we cannot guarantee it. We are currently asking for your final post two-weeks ahead of its run date. Please try to make all edits and changes before you submit your post.

Unsolicited Posts
If you choose to submit an unsolicited post (meaning we have not scheduled you for Theme Thursday, Wordless Wednesday, or Foodie Friday) your content may still be used if:

  • You are a registered member of MOWB.
  • You have followed our posting guidelines listed above.
  • Your piece is determined to be beneficial to our readers.
  • We have available space in our editorial calendar.

Unsolicited content will NOT be accepted from any non-members. Unsolicited content that is of use to us may be held for publication at an appropriate time. You will be notified by email if we can use your piece.

Duplicate Content
Our goal in accepting guest posts on MOWB is to help bring new readers to your site. We do this to promote you as a blogger. Duplicate content is thought to be a major factor in lowering a sites SEO score, thus potentially lowering traffic to a site. Therefore, we request that the piece that you submit to us is not published anywhere else online, including your own site. This also helps us to prevent theft of content. You are still the “owner” of your content and we encourage you to link to the content from your own site and on your social media channels. If, at any point, you would like us to remove your content from our site we ask that you notify us by email at least two weeks prior to publishing the content anywhere else online.

Payment and/or Compensation
Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to financially compensate you for the content that you provide to our site. With that being said, MOWB, through The Women Bloggers LLC, does strive to locate paid writing opportunities for our member bloggers on sites that have the financial ability to compensate for content. You can connect with our Blogger Opportunities Facebook page in order to be notified of such opportunities. Paid opportunities are subject to each clients approval and may be based on an application or proposal. Writing a guest post for MOWB does not guarantee selection for paid opportunities.

Blog posts are promoted on all of our social media channels and a link to your blog will be placed in our “Featured Writers” list in the side bar of our blog. If your blog has not been listed in our sidebar within 2 weeks of your post, please email your blog URL to


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Emileigh Rogers September 24, 2014 at 1:30 pm

Just wondering, where would be the best place to send a guest post? Did I just miss that information above?


Mistie Thompson September 25, 2014 at 10:01 am

Hi Emileigh,

Thanks so much for asking! You can send guest posts to – we’re looking forward to featuring your work!


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