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Influential bloggers are product evangelists giving instantaneous feedback on products, customer service, exclusive previews, product testing, marketing plans, etc. Our opinions become actionable items that your brand can employ immediately, and in return, better serve consumers. When working with the RIGHT bloggers, everybody wins. And, at Missouri Women Bloggers, we know and can vouch for the RIGHT bloggers for your business.

Blogging has become mainstream media and tech- savvy women of all ages are increasingly drawn to the modern, authentic voices found on women-authored blogs. *It is estimated that 36.2 million female U.S. Internet users actively participate in blogs every week with 15.1 million publishing at least one post a week and 21.1 reading and commenting at least weekly.

More than 40% of the women surveyed considered blogs a reliable source of advice and information; 50% said blogs influenced their purchasing decisions; and 24% said they watched less TV because of blogs!

Missouri Women Bloggers provides a unique opportunity to deliver your message across multiple, integrated platforms to a diverse group of women.

Advertising  and PR Opportunities

On-site Advertising  – MOWB offers placements that are compliant with the IAB Universal Ad Package throughout For rates and availability, contact Mistie at

Sponsored Discussions – Our Community joins together around a specific topic of conversation and creates valuable content around the topic that is important to your brand.

Targeted Sponsorships by Topic Area – Including Parenting, Food, Health, Entertainment, Fashion, Business, and Life.

Community Events – Created as either editorial or advertorial, these events are initiated by one or more bloggers and designed to attract others in the community and generate buzz.

Seasonal Events – From Christmas to Back to School, holidays provide a great opportunity for marketers to target the MOWB community around key buying periods.

Custom Live Events – Want to drive influential bloggers into your store or showroom? We can help you create unique and fun events to get the bloggers involved and buzzing about your products and services.

Conference Sponsorship – Signage, product sampling, and other experiential marketing opportunities available at our annual conference or scheduled “meet-ups” throughout the year.

Special Offers and Custom Promotions – From product sampling to discounts and Sweepstakes, MOWB will help you create an offer that will resonate with a broad or narrowly. These custom initiatives provide a platform for MOWB’s audience to engage with, and learn more about, your products and services.

For more information please contact Mistie at


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