Adventure {Theme Roundup}

by Fawn Rechkemmer on March 30, 2016

This month’s theme is Adventure, which can really mean lots of different things!  Our bloggers have several posts to share about their adventures ranging from travel, to raising children, to having a fun day!

Life Lessons in Machu Picchu

First up, Pamela at Thrive Personal Fitness is sharing 3 Life Lessons From Visiting Machu Picchu.  Along with the lessons, you get to see her amazing travel photos!

5 Things I want My Son to Know

Nancy at There is Grace reflects on an adventuresome walk through the woods with her son. Sometimes it’s hard to be a boy mom, but Nancy outlines 5 important things she wants her son to know.

The Muddy Adventure

Laurie at Country Linked made the most of wet weather by taking her kids and their cousins on a Muddy Adventure!

Missouri Architecture

Renee at Great Peace Academy has a great list of architecturally interesting locations across Missouri.  You can go on an Architectural Adventure!

Family trip to City Museum in St. Louis

Kim at Day to Day Adventures took a Family Visit to the City Museum in St. Louis.  There’s lots of architecture to see AND play on there!

Embrace Missouri

Jess at Silex in the City is doing a project she’s titled #EmbraceMO, in which she goes on adventures to explore new coffee houses, eateries, and pubs in Missouri.

Oklahoma Aquarium

Nicole at Midwestern at Heart is sharing her amazing photos from her Adventure at the Oklahoma Aquarium. Sharks in Oklahoma! Who knew?

Slow travel with kids

And finally, Fawn at Instead of the Dishes has a guest post written by her husband about taking a Road Trip Adventure with two young kiddos.

How do you define adventure?

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