Meet Our February Foodie Friday Editor: Bobbie Gross

by Fawn Rechkemmer on February 1, 2016

Meet our February Foodie Friday Editor, Bobbie Gross from Living in Retrospect.  I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with Bobbie during the Explore Springfield press tour a couple weekends ago, and she is just a hoot.  Bobbie is sweet, funny, and beams a positive light on everything she does. This month she’ll be curating our Foodie Friday posts. Take a minute and learn a little more about her!

Bobbie GrossBorn: I was born and raised in Alton, Illinois, just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri.
Raised: on laughter, garage sales, and fried potatoes by my loving parents and my maternal grandparents who spoiled me almost rotten. I was also raised by southern gospel music, fireflies, and Alison Krauss – Silver Dollar City vacations, fishing trips, and a library full of books.
Lineage: I’m a mix of Irish, French, English, and Cherokee. My maiden name was originally spelled “Carrell” but Americans couldn’t pronounce it correctly so my great grandpa changed it to Carroll. In other words, I’m probably related to Steve Carrell.
Educated: I always loved school, and only got in trouble one time. I had to stand on the wall at recess in the first grade for chasing boys. Once I grew up, I started out as an English Education major at McKendree University but then transferred to Brigham Young University – Idaho where I received my B.S. in English with an emphasis in Education. I wish someone would just pay me to take literature and writing classes forever.
Day job: Blogger, Substitute Teacher, Freelance Writer, and Paparazzi Consultant (+looking to break into motivational speaking). In other words, just a stereotypical millennial wearing a million hats.
Blog(s): and
Favorite Cookbook: The old Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook
Favorite Food Blogs: and
Dream Meal: A large plate of Grandma’s fried potatoes and onions, homegrown tomatoes with salt and pepper, and sweet bi-color corn on the cob without salt or butter.
Other passions: Creative writing (I love poetry and prose poetry), public speaking, traveling, helping others through hard things, and thrifting (saving money is my drug of choice)
Social Media Handles: Twitter: @actressrobert / Instagram: @actressrobert / Facebook: / Pinterest: /actressrobert
Where else to find her: When I’m not in my bed on my laptop (or sleeping) or in my office… I’m probably spending time with family, cooking, or going to garage sales and/or thrift shops. You might also find me in the car blasting Alison Krauss or Adele and singing like I’m in a music video. And of course, sometimes I’m at the local high school shaping young minds (or at least keeping them from wrecking the classroom).
Her secret sauce: My life is complicated and messy, but I view that as an opportunity to help others. If you are going through something difficult, know that it will get better. And if you need some encouragement, feel free to follow my journey. Here are some posts to get you started:

Thank you, Bobbie, for being our first Foodie Friday editor!

P.S. If you would like to contribute a Foodie Friday post, email us at  We also have a few spots left for Foodie Friday editors in our 2016 calendar if you’re interested.

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