MOWB Themes and Post Types: A Definitive Guide

by Fawn Rechkemmer on December 16, 2014

handwriting old styleIt’s peak time for planning out the coming year, so we thought now would be a good time to share a little guide on the different types of posts we are always looking for here on the Missouri Women Bloggers website.

Monthly Themes

Each month we celebrate a different theme on our site.  These themes are consistent across each state website in the Women Bloggers network.  The talented and creative Julie Kohl from ARWB has created the list of themes for 2015:

  • January – Begin
  • February – Adore
  • March – Luck
  • April – Renew
  • May – Generosity 
  • June – Journey
  • July – Shine
  • August – Sizzle
  • September – Prepare
  • October – Risk
  • November – Abundance
  • December – Magic

You might notice that our themes for 2015 are very nebulous.  That is on purpose!  We want to see how each of our bloggers interprets these themes and intertwines them with their own writing style and niche.  The monthly theme is the comment thread through all of the posts that we will feature on the MOWB website for that month, which brings us to…

Post Types

At this point in time, there are three different types of posts that we specifically seek contributions for:

  • Featured Guest Post – These posts can really be any style in any format.  Anything from personal narrative, to how-to, to top  5 lists, and so on.  It’s whatever you want to write about and share on our site.  It could be a post that you would normally post on your own blog, or it could be a complete departure from what you write about (or how you write) on your site.
  • Wordless Wednesday – These posts are usually pictures only.  If you want to include a few words of introduction or explanation, that is fine too. The post can be a single image, or a series of images, that fit into the theme of the month as you’ve interpreted it.  This is a great category for photography bloggers to show off their work, but it’s also completely wide open to anyone else who would like to contribute. Wordless Wednesday posts do not have to be photos. They could also be drawings, paintings, graphic designs, or even ASCI art if that’s your thing.  All that we ask is that you have copyright on whatever you submit.
  • Foodie Friday – Yes, a Foodie Friday post can be a recipe.  But, it can also be a restaurant review, or the story of how your favorite cookie brings back memories of baking with your grandma. It might be just a series of food porn photos, or a report of how you ate your way through a weekend getaway trip. You could write about growing food in a garden, or tips for saving money when you shop for food, or how to organize your kitchen…lots of room for interpretation here.

Not to say that these are the only types of posts you can contribute to MOWB.  If you have an idea that falls outside of one of these categories, we are still happy to hear about it! Every post on the MOWB site includes the writer’s bio and a link to their blog. You can get the rest of the nitty gritty details on how to submit a post to MOWB on our Guest Post Guidelines page.

And, finally, a few words about our favorite way to make new bloggy friends…

The Sunday Linky

The Sunday Linky is a great way to share a post from your own blog with fellow MOWBers. The linky goes up every Sunday, and we want all of our members to link up every week!  We want a direct link to your favorite post from that week. AND we want you to visit a couple of the other posts that are linked up there and leave some comment love (or share love). It’s easy and fun!

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