Foodie Friday: Milk Glasses, Memories, and Banana Pudding

by Fawn Rechkemmer on November 28, 2014

milk glassI haven’t collected very many things in my life, but when I started designing and decorating my dining room earlier this year, I knew I wanted to collect something. That’s when I decided to collect vintage white milk glass pieces to display around the room.

Not having too much experience with collecting vintage things, I went to the only place I could think that would have old pieces. An estate sale. As I walked through the door of someone else’s house, I was hit with all things vintage — furniture, decor, and smell. I knew I was about to find my first white milk glass.

Banana_pudding-1175I began to rummage through rooms of old knick knacks, tables full of souvenirs, and cabinets of housewares, I became overwhelmed with a feeling of sadness. I watched myself and other pick through dusty cookware looking for a bargain deal, but I became acutely aware that these weren’t discarded items ready for the Goodwill, no, these were important pieces someone spent a lifetime collecting and saving. These were pieces of someone’s story, a story that I didn’t know, but a valuable story, just the same, and now their story was being sold off at bargain prices.

So, when I found my first white glass milk bowl forgotten on a back shelf of their garage, I was fill with awe, because what I had set out just to start a new collection, I found myself connecting to someone I will never meet. As I tucked my 75¢ treasure under my arm, I knew I was taking a piece of their story home with me.Banana_pudding-1200

Once home I felt the urge to honor the story my milk glass bowl represented, to pay some sort of homage to those who’ve lived a long and full life before me, and nothing says,  ‘grandma’ like some good ole’ banana pudding, so my daughter and I got to work whipping up some delicious old fashion banana pudding.

All you need:

  • Instant vanilla pudding

  • Banana, sliced

  • Nilla Wafers (we used the mini ones)

Banana_pudding-1222After making the vanilla pudding, slice the bananas. Then, starting with Nilla Wafers, alternate wafers, pudding, and bananas. Chill pudding in the refrigerator, and enjoy!

My kids and I enjoyed making our pudding, imagining who the lady was who used to own our bowl, and eating the banana pudding that made us think of Grandma.

How about you? What foods do you love that make you think of your grandma or someone special who’s lived life before you?

Charity Craig headshotCharity Craig is married to Matt and has four children who inspire her to be a #GoodEnoughMom. In 2013, she witnessed God restore her marriage, life and, most of all, herself. She says, “Most of my life I lived as a wounded dove, but for the first time I’ve experienced true healing and now my wings expand and fly.” The Wounded Dove is her story. 

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