by Fawn Rechkemmer on November 13, 2014

From Beth at Kendal King Group

Blogger friends:

We have been so looking forward to having you join us for our Velocity launch event this weekend.  However, given the number of concerns we’ve heard from many of you so far regarding potential inclement weather, we are going to temporarily postpone the event.

We’ll be assessing the best date to invite you to visit us very soon to learn more our company and the retail landscape and to give you exposure to the partnership programs we are building to collaborate with you on behalf of our clients.  Momentum and enthusiasm is growing with the companies we interact with every day regarding the opportunity for their marketing initiatives to benefit from your expertise in grassroots communication.  We look forward to working with you soon.

Please stay tuned for a new date, and stay safe and warm this weekend!

Very best,

Bethany Stephens
Director, Strategic Marketing
Kendal King Group

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