5 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Kids

by Shana Norris on November 18, 2013

Every night at the dinner table, we do a little thing called Pits and Cherries. Each person gets a chance to talk about one bad thing (a pit) and one good thing (a cherry) that happened that day. My kids love this game so much that they usually initiate it before I even have a chance to.

This month, we’ve changed it up a bit. Instead of Pits and Cherries, we’re talking about five things we’re thankful for each night. It’s a way to introduce an extra dose of gratitude into this season of thankfulness.

Here’s a round up of other ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your kids:

18 conversation starter

1. Print these Thanksgiving Conversation Starters to get your kids talking about what they’re thankful for.

18 gratitude journal

2.  Make and keep gratitude journals together.

18 thankful rocks

3.  Do you love gold and silver Sharpies as much as my kids and I do?  Check out these gratitude stones at Moonfrye.

18 gratitude tree

4.  Make a gratitude tree.  The possibilities are endless:

18 picture books

5.  Check out some Thanksgiving-themed picture books from your public library (or support a local independently owned bookstore.)  Here are some book lists to get you started:

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What are you doing to be a little more grateful this month?

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